But before we do ..

I need a little information to help me get started, this will save both of us some time when planning for your next website project.

I'm never very far away from any device, which means I generally answer any emails within a few hours. However, on the rare occaision that I'm sleeping or otherwise preoccupied, I'll do my best to reply with 24 hours.

Project Details

Please specify a budget and ideal completion date (when you would like to see the website published to the internet. This helps me determine the best way to create an estimate and predict a timetable for your project.

Project Description

Please briefly describe your project, what you aim to achieve, what you'd like me to do, and link to any appropriate materials (such as images, .pdf files, etc).

DE9REES: Fredericton, New Brunswick

Monday-Thursday: I'm here, sort of

Friday: People actually work on Friday?

Saturday & Sunday: Best not to ask

So, Let's start with you

A little personal informatiton is always helpful, especially if you want me to reply to your inquiry.

How about a few specifics
 Website design
 Website maintenance
 Graphic design
 Something else

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My Mission

My mission is to deliver optimal solutions with quality and services at reasonable prices. For me, customer satisfaction is given top priority and it helps me retain existing clients and expand my customer circle.

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